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Build Lean Muscle without Restrictive Dieting

Fuel your active lifestyle using mindful eating and healthy habit-building hacks - so you can make peace with food AND rock all your health & fitness goals... without sacrificing the foods you love.

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Does this sound like you?

✦ You want to build healthy habits that fuel your fitness so you can feel strong, confident and energized

You love structure - but you're sick of counting calories/macros, all day, every day.

✦ Guilt and stress always seem to be present when you're around food

✦ You experience symptoms like: chronic fatigue, brain fog and mood swings... that keep you from showing up as your highest self.

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If this is you, you can...

✦ Eat what you love and STILL have a rockin' metabolism!

✦ Honor your health & fitness without letting it run your life

✦ Learn simple & effective gentle nutrition strategies that support better workout performance, strength gains and other physique goals

✦ Learn how to streamline your goals & healthy habits so you can take the fast track to success

…without a laundry list of food rules telling you what "not to eat"

…without a low calorie diet!

…without a complicated meal plan

…and without having to exercise hours per day in order to see results

MMA will teach you:

✦ How to set productive goals for nutrition & fitness

✦ How to form healthy habits that actually STICK!

✦ How to reframe your thoughts for success

✦ How to fuel your active lifestyle without dieting

✦ What foods help build muscle, and how to incorporate them without tracking calories or macros

✦ How to measure true progress beyond weight

✦ Journaling, affirmations & mindset shifts that will keep you successful, happy and fit LONG-TERM!

Introducing... The Mindful Muscles Academy!

The Mindful Muscles Academy is your step-by-step guide to achieve food freedom, fuel your active lifestyle and build lean muscle without fad diets or abandoning the foods you love!

MMA has the tips, tools, strategies and community to help you nourish your body, fuel muscle tone and feel confident in your own skin without having to obsess over calories or macros.

I'm ready to rock my fitness goals!

What's inside the course?

In 5 easy to digest modules, and 25+ videos, you'll be lead through everything you need to know about fueling your fitness goals using a flexible, mindful eating approach taught by your Dietitian, Katie!

Module 1: Goal Setting & Habit Hacking

Build a strong foundation for life-long health goals with Module 1. You'll learn how to build rockstar habits that make achieving all your goals *easy* and stress-free.

Module 2: The Mindful Muscles Method

The Mindful Muscles Method breaks down mindful eating strategies to help you deepen your mind-body connection so you can fuel your body using the foods you love.

Module 3: Nutrition for Exercise Performance

Whether you're a self-proclaimed fitness lover, athlete or just wanting to get toned, confident and energized - this module helps you make the most out of your workouts so you can actually see results in your fitness goals!

Module 4: Gentle Nutrition

Katie breaks down the three macronutrients: carbs, fat and protein, plus how to build a balanced plate without having to obsess over calories or macros.

Module 5: Sustainability & Long Term Success

Now that you've mastered your mindful eating skills, nutrition and exercise performance - Katie teaches the essentials of how to actually use what you've learned to be successful and sustain your healthy habits for a lifetime!

Bonus: Worksheets & Application Exercises

With every module, you get worksheets and "homework" to help you actually apply what you learn!

6 Weeks of Meal Plans & Grocery Lists

Get 6 weeks worth of meal and snack recipes, including grocery lists to take the stress out of meal planning.

Private Facebook Community

You get lifetime access to the private Mindful Muscles Academy Facebook community so you can ask questions to your RD - and connect with others just like you.

Meet Your Dietitian-

Katie is a Registered Dietitian, Personal Trainer and founder of The Mindful Muscles Academy. She discovered her love for nutrition and fitness as a teen - but quickly realized that the health and wellness industry was riddled with extreme diets, quick fixes and questionable advice. In fact, she found that following the advice that she found led her down a road of body image issues, low-self esteem and disordered eating habits... that soon spiraled into an eating disorder. One day, Katie decided enough was enough. She would learn to fuel her body the *right* way. Without using health as a form of punishment. That's when she found mindful eating - and her life (and relationship with food) changed forever. Through the Mindful Muscles Academy, Katie is committed to helping YOU find flexibility and balance in your eating habits, without restriction or extreme diets.

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Certified Community Testimonials

"There was a point in my life where I felt overwhelmed by diet culture and the mass amount of misinformation out there on the internet. When I found Dark Blue Nutrition, it was more of a blessing than I could have ever imagined. Katie is a well-rounded registered dietitian and certified person trainer. I feel confident that the information that I get from her is accurate as she has the education to back it up. I can’t recommend Katie and her Mindful Muscles programming enough; it has been truly a transformative experience."

Carrie M. - Mindful Muscles Academy Student

"Fitness has always been a passion for Katie, that is why when she became an RDN she immediately deep dove into how to perform better in your exercise through nutrition. The mindful muscles course will be the perfect guide for you to learn how to be in tune with your body’s innate needs while hitting your exercise goals"

Katie K. - Dietetics Graduate Student & RD2be

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Program Right For Me?

This program will benefit anyone who wants to improve their understanding and real-world application of nutrition, exercise performance, and healing their relationship to food. This course is for fitness lovers, athletes, and anyone who moves their body.

How long do I have to access the video lessons in this course?

Forever! This course (and the private MMA Facebook group) is accessible to you for life! You will also get access to all future updates to the course at no extra cost to you.

Will this course help me lose weight?

While this course is not weight loss focused, losing weight, gaining weight, maintaining weight are all possible in this course. It depends a lot on your starting point, and what your body needs. My focus is to help you achieve a healthy metabolism, healthy hormones and more energy... AND to see muscle tone and better exercise performance! Weight on the scale can often be an unhelpful distraction to achieving these things. In this course healing your relationship with food comes as the top priority. Body composition change can be a natural (secondary) part of your health journey as you make changes that honor your health, support muscle growth and fuel your workouts..

Will I be told exactly what to eat/not eat in this course?

This course is NOT a rigid diet, but you WILL have tangible guidelines to help fuel your fitness goals. I'll also help you incorporate mindful eating strategies so everything you learn in the Mindful Muscles Academy is practiced through a gentle lens - meaning, you'll learn to rock your goals without having to obsess over every morsel of food you eat.

What if I have an active eating disorder, is this course right for me?

While this course offers strategies grounded in gentle nutrition and mindful eating - this course is not intended to replace 1:1 support from your eating disorder Dietitian. I recommend prioritizing healing first and foremost before considering enrolling in this course!

Do you offer refunds?

Because of the digital nature of this course - all purchases are final and NO refunds will be issued for this course. Please make sure this course is a good fit both personally and financially before investing. If you have any questions, please reach out to me before purchasing.

Where do I go if I have further questions on this course?

If you have any questions - you can email me at!

Are you ready?

Start the journey to become a fit & toned mindful eater!