Beginner's Guide to Mindful Eating & Food Freedom 🥑

With Katie Horrell, MS, RDN, CPT

Healthy eating doesn't have to be rigid & restrictive. Unlearn the dieter's mentality, embrace flexibility & start your journey to food freedom today in my FREE masterclass!


At the beginning of my health journey - I made so many mistakes that took a big toll on my mental and physical health. I took advice from magazines, social media and bloggers with no background in nutrition. I thought "being healthy" meant restriction. It led me down a path of disordered eating and constant struggle with my body image.

After deciding I'd had enough, I devoted all my energy to learning mindful eating, and gentle nutrition strategies so I could fuel my fitness without letting it control my life. I loved this path so much - it led me to my career as a Dietitian Nutritionist helping others heal their relationship with food too!

Want to hear the top secrets I learned when shifting into a non-diet approach with food? Sign up for my new masterclass where I teach you how you can get started with mindful eating TODAY!

This class is for you if...

  • You have a history of dieting or disordered eating - and are ready to heal your relationship with food
  • Calorie and macro counting for the rest of your life is just NOT for you
  • You've heard the benefits of mindful eating... but don't know how to actually get started

Make a strategic plan to ditch diets... for good!


What is Mindful Eating REALLY?

Hint: It's SO much more than "eating distraction free". Mindful Eating is the #1 way to start healing your relationship with food, while also being intentional with your nutrition and what's best for your body.

Myths About Mindful Eating

There are SO many myths + misconceptions about what being mindful with food choices means. Does it mean you can never meal prep? Does it mean eat donuts all day? What if I want to follow other functional nutrition strategies? We'll discuss it all in today's training!

4 Key Strategies to Start Eating Mindfully TODAY!

Dive DEEP into the 4 key principles of mindful eating: eating distraction free, eating judgment-free, eating with intention (aka with your health in mind), and appetite awareness. You'll leave with tangible tips & strategies to start eating mindfully at your next meal.

Hunger/Fullness Activity

Appetite awareness is one of the core challenges people have when on their journey to food freedom. So, to top off our masterclass, we'll end with a hunger-fullness strategy you can use this week to start relearning your hunger-fullness cues.

Pssst! Stay until the end for a special bonus!